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Our Full Masonry projects are reinforced with modern steel, fully sound structures that are durable and safe. Masonry structures are designed to withstand the harsh sun, wind, rain (even floods), snow, fire and most of what Mother Nature dishes out. Structures will not burn and insects like termites and carpenter ants cannot destroy them.  Your rock wall, fireplace, or entire home with proper flashing and drainage placement will have little masonry maintenance and will live with strength and beauty for a lifetime. 

Contact an Artist today for your free estimate, Chad (303)907-3459  ~  Beth (303)838-7633

 If your project is predesigned and carpentered by a framer we make sure the same steps are in place for protecting the wood.  Flashing, proper drainage, water and ice shield all are included in our square footage price.  These minor details are large in protecting the life of your project.

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Artistic Stone     ~   Benches / Tables
Flagstone, Strip Stone   ~   Complete Structures
Fireplaces    ~   Water Features   
Archways, Walkways, Hallways
Towers    ~   Parapets   Windows 
Walls, Dry Stack, Retaining



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